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high technology making skin healthier, younger, more beautiful.

Lift’in 3D, simplicity and anti-ageing expertise

Advance Beauty, the expert in high tech anti-ageing, has applied its know-how in a virtuoso, longer lasting treatment for younger, more beautiful skin. The combination of technologies, ultrasound, Luminology®, microcurrents and AB dermo-cosmetics, allows for a safe, painless and effective treatment, with a surgery-free lifting effect that delivers smoother, younger skin. A genuine beauty partner that acts naturally against time, with immediate, visible results apparent in just a few applications. Feel good in your skin and welcome the passing of time whatever your age.

Actions of the Lift’in 3D

  • NReduces facial lines and wrinkles, crow's feet, eye contour, lip contour, nasolabial folds and facial contours
  • NActs on the radiance of skin
  • NSkin becomes more supple and the complexion more luminous and fresher within a few days
  • NNon-invasive technologies
  • NPainless, effortless treatment (leaving no redness or marks at the end of the treatment)
  • NVisible results in very little time

High technology in a few words:


Reactivates the natural process of tissue rejuvenation and firming by allowing the active ingredients of dermo-cosmetics to penetrate more quickly, and by boosting the production of collagen and elastin.


Diffusing very low-intensity electric currents on the area of the face causes muscles and cells to react, improving skin quality, tightening pores, and intensely toning skin.


Inspired by chromotherapy, reinforces the overall anti-ageing action of ultrasounds, stimulating collagen production and soothing sensitive skin.

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Be seduced

This innovative, highly ergonomic device has been designed to have the very best grip and is both light and wireless. It is highly portable and extremely easy to use, making it the ideal beauty companion for a weekend away, before a party, or at work. A mere 10-minute treatment plus a few simple gestures provide a totally natural lifting effect, leaving your face smoother and more glowing. Used daily, skin regains its tone and firmness, becoming more supple, and wrinkles are smoothed. In a single, quick stroke, the face’s complexion becomes brighter, fresher and more radiant. Ageing in health and beauty in just 10 minutes with results that last.



Focus on skin firming and toning, creating the perfect symbiosis of ultrasound and Luminology®, optimising and enhancing anti-ageing results. In fact, these low-intensity electric microcurrents mimic the body’s own natural system of currents, acting directly under the skin and providing a highly soothing action.



Provides the skin with a toning energy that reinforces the overall anti-ageing action by stimulating collagen production. Inspired by chromotherapy, on this device it is made up of 3 lights – blue, yellow and red, each having a specific wavelength and its own, unique properties.



Reactivate the natural process of rejuvenation and tissue firming, and remodel features by smoothing wrinkles. They also reactivate the subcutaneous microcirculation, decontracting features and illuminating the complexion. In this way, the face is left relaxed with a bright, open expression. Moreover, ultrasounds allow for an amplified penetration of active ingredients.


The Lift’in 3D

A lifting device founded on 3 technologies: ultrasounds, Luminology® and microcurrents. This unique combination provides a safe, painless and effective treatment, delivering a surgery-free lifting effect for smoother, younger skin, and visible results from the very first application.



The high spec, designer component where the Lift’in 3D rests and charges. For this functionality, it has a useful charging indicator light and rear charging port that can be connected to a power supply.

What can the Lift’in 3D do?

Improves facial radiance and smooths wrinkles


A programme of just 10 minutes that combines RED light with pulsed ultrasounds and medium intensity, giving a complete anti-ageing action and delivering all the benefits of the active ingredients of the Dermo-Cosmetic Lift Serum and Collagen Gel.

Removes sign of tiredness and smooths fine lines


A programme of just 10 minutes that combines the YELLOW light with the continuous ultrasound mode and low intensity. It offers a specific anti-ageing action for the eye contour area with a boosted action thanks to the dermo-cosmetic active ingredients of the Contour Gel and Collagen Gel.


PurifIes facial skin and acts on pores and imperfections


A programme of just 10 minutes that combines the BLUE light, the continuous ultrasound mode, and the correct hand movements, to reoxygenate skin and enable the penetration of the active ingredients of the dermo-cosmetics Acnolysis and Collagen Gel.

Find more than 20 specific protocols and meet all your skin’s beauty needs.

Better facial beauty, better results

Experience your best beauty with the pairing of Lift+Peel'in 3D from Advance Beauty

The combination of cutting edge beauty technologies multiplies the stimulating, soothing and preventative anti-ageing effects of the treatment.

Our dermocosmetics

Advance Beauty's range of dermo-cosmetics are built on efficient processes and a total respect for the skin. Suitable for all skin types and 100% made in France, their exacting formulations have been designed to bring out skin's natural beauty.