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Advance Lift

Soft Peeling

A high-tech, high-performance, gentle skin cleanser that is suitable for all skin types.

Smart Radiofréquence

It remodels and sculpts the skin by acting directly on the fibroblast, with an immediate tensor effect.

Sequential Ultrasound®

A unique, worldwide patent that guarantees maximum reactivation of the skin’s metabolic processes.


In combination with the patented sequential ultrasound, this light energy amplifies results.

The Advance Beauty revolution, the era of technoceutics


French high-tech equipment to defy the signs of ageing and enter the world of pro-ageing.
Take charge of your beauty to feel good at any age and defy time.

This has been the brand’s long standing mantra, thanks to the perfect mastery and reliability of our always cutting-edge technologies. Our mission is to challenge conventional thinking and design by constantly investing our energies in revolutionary projects.


  • ● Anti-ageing and beauty facials for women and men
  • Preventive anti-ageing treatments (Reoxygenation, retoning, smoothing wrinkles, boosting the complexion’s radiance, firming, rehydrating, …)
  • Anti-ageing treatments for mature skin types (Smoothing wrinkles and fine lines on the face and/or in specific areas, sculpting and firming, toning the entire face or specific areas, etc)
  • Specific and complementary treatments(Anti-imperfections, detoxing, sensitive skin, anti-ageing for the bust, …)
  • Ultimate customisation: Our pro-ageing devices customise treatments and courses of treatments to make them unique and perfectly adapted to the needs of clients, delivered thanks to artificial intelligence and high-tech engineering made available to the beauty professional, thus achieving the very best results.

advance lift

The Advance LIFT is the latest innovation from Advance Beauty that is dedicated to anti-ageing and skin beauty. It is a concentrate of new technologies that push the limits of results: faster, more targeted, with more options. A new design and artificial intelligence delivers the best user experience allowing users to customise their skin care regimen, achieving the most beautiful results.

A maxi touch screen, ergonomic probes, 2 interchangeable tips for radio frequency, a BOOST mode for the Soft Peeling, an over-vibration for ultrasounds, a mode for creating courses of treatments, plus direct, real-time communication with our services: Training, Technical/After-Sales, Customer Support and much more.

Our promise: to offer you immediate results, visible from the very 1st treatment, pain-free, a pure moment of relaxation, and genuinely long lasting effects.

formations professionnelles beauté


A unique and unsurpassed technological patent at the heart of the brand’s philosophy of anti-ageing care. Luminologie® offers a double treatment performance, combining both wellbeing and anti-ageing results. Added to this come all of the benefits of artificial intelligence to guide and support the beauty professional at every stage of a treatment.


Soft Peeling

Its 25,000 vibrations per second allow for a very effective and gentle skin cleansing. Moreover, this ultra-vibrating spatula is suitable for all skin types thanks to its adapted power setting and its BOOST mode, which allows for greater in-depth work for thicker skin as well as more intense action on wrinkles.


Sequential ultrasounds®:

A patented technology unique on the international market, which guarantees a maximum reactivation of the skin’s metabolic processes; smoothing of the tissues, reoxygenation of the skin, better penetration of the active ingredients thanks to the recognised medical principle of mechanotransduction to boost the activity of the fibroblasts. In addition to the internal micro-massages, the probes are equipped with over-vibrations to stimulate the skin from its very first layers.


Controlled radio frequency

A technology that integrates artificial intelligence for totally safe use and which delivers outstanding results. 2 interchangeable tripolar heads to adapt to all areas of the face (cheeks, neck, bust, eye contour, lips, hands…) with perfect control of their respective strength settings.


The heart of LIFT

We have pushed back the limits by integrating very high levels of digital performance combined with artificial intelligence to create the perfectly intuitive customer experience; each probe has its own smart features that send information to the heart of the system thanks to the latest generation microprocessor worthy of the best information processing systems (by multiplexing: CAN data bus) – a cutting-edge technology that allows the Advance Lift to obtain unparalleled responsiveness.

Soft Peeling

An essential step in the beginning of each of our treatments, the high-frequency ultrasound spatula removes dead cells, sundry residue, pollution, … ie all impurities from your skin. It can thus breathe anew and is left smooth, radiant and ready to receive a deep anti-ageing treatment.

Smart radio frequency

It is the key technique for firming and remodelling the deep layers of the epidermis. Its 2 intelligent, tripolar tips help regenerate fibroblasts by stimulating collagen and elastin fibres, plumping up the skin, reducing wrinkles and improving the signs of ageing.

Sequential ultrasounds®

Recognised in the medical field, ultrasound favours the penetration of active ingredients. AB has created and patented its sequential diffusion, which keeps skin cells in a state of alertness and allows a maximum reactivation of the metabolic process for faster anti-ageing results: smoothing of wrinkles and fine lines and remodelling of the oval of the face.


A patented combination of technologies, sequential ultrasound® is associated with LEDs, which are founded on the principles of chromotherapy. This light energy amplifies results, thanks to the different wavelengths that produce their own vibrations and are capable of acting on the human body from both psychologically and physically.

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Advance LIFT

Soft Peeling

Advance LIFT

Radio frequency

Advance LIFT


Advance LIFT

Sequential ultrasounds