Advance training

Advance Beauty provides its customers with a service entirely dedicated to learning about its anti-ageing & slimming technologies. Supported by knowledge built up over decades, our goal is to invest all our energy to promote the success of our partners. This is an opportunity to discover an impressive portfolio of evolutionary training courses that are both perfectly adapted to partner requirements and very complete.

To register, please contact us by email at [email protected]
Let us know the training course that is of interest, the equipment you wish to be trained on, and the number of trainees who will be attending (if this information is known). Our specially dedicated team will be in touch asap to arrange relevant details.

Choosing the right course

You’ve just acquired a DUOLIFT?

• The Face Training level 1 is the perfect choice. This training is an important stage during which all the essential key concepts and anti-ageing techniques are explained in order to fully understand the technologies’ mechanism and make the best possible use of them … Whether you have just acquired the DUOLIFT or merely require a refresher on the basics, our trainers adapt to your competency level to maximize your success with the device.

Your objective is greater proficiency with anti-ageing protocols?

• The Face Training level 2 is for you. This training will bring you the + that makes that extra difference with all the necessary keys to successfully using the new anti-ageing face protocols. Gain deeper knowledge in the mastery of technologies and discover specific care for “targeted areas” and how to work effectively around the eyes, lips, and bust.

You want to improve your knowledge about anti-ageing for the face & body?

• The Face & Body level 2 training is specially made for you. This course is particularly aimed at beauty professionals who have chosen a device that integrates body technology, allowing for an original treatment menu for both face and body beauty. On this course, you will learn more about anti-ageing face treatments, as well as the artful anti-cellulite treatments that your device makes possible.

You have just acquired the complete slimming News Sequential Station?

• The Slimming level 1 training is the perfect choice. You will dive into a world rich in high-performance technology, where we will teach you how to achieve very quick results – and in some cases, even immediate ones. In this module, we will give you the keys to create effective, attractive treatments using only the NEWS Sequential, a true performance in ROI and efficiency.