About us

In the early 2000s, just as technology was enjoying unprecedented strides, Advance Beauty was founded, beginning its story in the world of professional beauty equipment. Its area of expertise was to be the face and body, with a special focus on anti-ageing and slimming. The advent of high-tech techniques allowed the company to develop its know-hows and fully exploit the new technological landscape. In its early early years, it pushed on with its research and rapidly established its reputation on the French market.

The development of its non-invasive technologies have yielded exclusive, patented techniques, which thanks to Sequential Ultrasound® and Luminologie®, as well as radiofrequency, soft peeling, and cavitation, promote immediate and long-lasting results.

Within a few years, Advance Beauty has become the benchmark in France for high-tech, anti-ageing and slimming equipment. Operating from its headquarters in the Valentinois basin at the foot of the Alps, it has gained worldwide recognition for products and expertise that guarantee quality, efficiency, and durability.


With a 20-year track record as the benchmark for quality on the French market, Advance Beauty has relentlessly pursued its investment into researching and developing improved anti-ageing and slimming solutions Today, it operates under conditions that very much extol the virtues of non-invasive techniques as ones that generate the most natural looking, and therefore most convincing results. In this way, the company has positioned itself as a leading player with a groundbreaking concept: a brand identity that perfectly meets current demand with a thoroughly thought-out and mastered product offer. Advance Beauty has also set itself the task to be the very definition of the exemplary supplier with all of the required components for the best client relations: customised customer service, group as well as bespoke trainings, sundry marketing tools, practical financing solutions, easy access, events, plus core values around being kind to the environment, sustainable development, and transparency – all to ensure that our clients benefit for sustained, high-performing commercial results. Moreover, its efficient business operation strengthens its guarantee of success thanks to a smart business model built on high profitability, a short product offer to avoid large stock requirements, and numerous highly targeted protocols that ensure comfortable margins and an excellent ROI in the short and even very short term.

The brand has a strong DNA and an internationally recognised market presence, where cosmetics top French exports after aeronautics and wines & spirits, with 6.3% growth in 2018. Overall, the sector’s trade surplus exceeds €11 billion (Source PBE). Quant au marché mondial de l’esthétique médicale, il a de nouveau progressé en 2018, tiré encore une fois par l’Asie, selon les données de l’Imcas (International Master Course on Aging Skin). Body Remodelling has become one of its most dynamic sectors (Source PBE).
The unique combination of its 4 technologies places Advance Beauty at the heart of a buoyant, high potential market with equipment designed to make services stand out and create genuine value. All consumer profiles, including Generation X, Xennials, Generation Z, men and women, are increasingly concerned with the effects of skin ageing. According to Capital magazine, the anti-ageing products market in France has the potential to target some 10 million female over-50s and over the last 10 years, male consumers have come to make up 20% of demand.

Advance Beauty has a keen appreciation of how its target market has evolved and, as such, has rolled out its ultra-relevant technologies that are suitable to a wide range of client profiles: female and male, teen to golden age groups, and all skin types. Its panel of professional protocols allows it to set out a wide variety of graduated treatment services for optimised skin beauty.

Advance Beauty is the promise of success and long lasting results in the world of advanced anti-ageing and slimming technologies.