Communication tools

A key aspect of our product offering is our portfolio of essential tools for clients to communicate about their new products, treatments, and courses of treatments. Our communications & marketing team’s objective is to provide all the support needed to ensure success, build loyalty, and expand a customer list.

All Advance Beauty equipment comes with documentation specially drafted for the professional user, including essential technical information for the customer. Its objective is two-fold: on the one hand, to allow customers to find out about and better understand our clients’ services and treatments; and on the other, to stimulate interest in anti-ageing and slimming treatments.

These tools include flyers, catalogues, product information cards, roll-ups, posters, and also video content, social media posts, and similar supports.

And we go further still. We can carry out valuable customer interviews and supply video content to support a beauty business. We can also create effective, bespoke supports, as well as posts for web pages, blogs, and social media channels – all to facilitate better communications with ever more engaged customers.

As a French manufacturer and market player, our proximity to the businesses we sell to makes for a unique business asset that powerfully drives our clients’ success.