Made in France

The Made in France brand has worldwide appeal and above all to the French themselves. As a mark of both our confidence and convictions, the manufacture of our products and devices within our own land stands in itself as a guarantee of quality. For over 20 years at the foot of the French Alps, Advance Beauty has been manufacturing the most efficient and effective equipment for beauty industry professionals specialised in anti-ageing and slimming.

When buying French becomes a socially responsible act recognized by our own customers.

For Advance Beauty, manufacturing in France means guaranteeing the quality of its high-tech innovations. The same goes for its range of dermo-cosmetics, all manufactured and packaged in France. This design policy is part of the company’s very DNA and represents a strong competitive advantage, because it is anchored in its core values: French partners mean less transport for orders and therefore a smaller carbon footprint, as well as simpler communications, faster responsiveness, and better performance.

“90% of French consumers believe that French manufacturing is a guarantee of quality that complies with social and environmental standards. “
Source: Generali.

Technologies: controlled development and integrated safety & after-sales

Advance Beauty has always made a point of designing its equipment in the strictest conformity with all relevant European standards and regulations relating to household electrical appliances and medical devices.

It is this ardent commitment, a proof of quality and strength, that has enabled it to forge international partnerships. The company and its strong mark of French quality have seduced a wide range of nations, each with different cultures and standards, from Vietnam, Ukraine, Hong Kong and Monaco, to Lebanon, Cyprus, China, and Poland, as well as many other territories. The company operates in a proactive manner, with people at the heart of its business; its pace of growth occurs in tandem with its technological advances. This is its strategy for powerfully applying its know-how and expertise across the world’s professional beauty market.

All of Advance Beauty’s professional equipment comes with a 24-month parts and labour warranty and a 7/365 after-sales service for maintenance, repair and diagnosis of any problems related to its equipment. No charges for quotes are made, even after the warranty has expired.

Advance Beauty is also the promise of ongoing innovation for ever more relevant, high-end equipment that achieve more convincing and longer lasting results.

Integrated, qualified customer service

Customer service is seen as the backbone of Advance Beauty and strong customer service is the pillar of lasting success. As such, we are committed to providing attentive listening, reliable proximity, and faithful support in order to improve each day the experience and satisfaction of all our customers. Advance Beauty has at its heart the fervent desire to pass on to its customers the very best keys for success and, as such, always strives to find the most performing and adapted solutions.




  • Specific offers to match customers’ requirements in France and internationally,
  • Regular training in our protocols throughout the year,
  • A reactive, committed 24/7 after-sales service,
  • Differentiated, customised marketing tools,
  • Financing solutions for our equipment, with transparent short-term profitability illustrations.