Advance Beauty’s range of dermo-cosmetics are built on efficient processes and a total respect for the skin. Suitable for all skin types and 100% made in France, their exacting formulations have been designed to bring out skin’s natural beauty. Their active components and patented complexes have been carefully selected to both create and symbiotically enhance many times over their action with Advance Beauty anti-ageing and slimming equipment. Work by the company’s team of beauty experts has achieved breathtaking results, finding the perfect balance between laboratory-based high technology and botanical expertise.

For use in tandem with Advance Beauty anti-ageing & slimming technologies, the relatively short range of dermo-cosmetics can actually be applied to a wide selection of treatments: filling facial wrinkles, restructuring mature skin, firming and toning skin, boosting facial radiance, reducing and eliminating imperfections, toning of the bust, reducing wrinkles around the eyes and lips, smoothing cellulite, and refining the silhouette…

The technical dermo-cosmetics are available in resale formats.


The Collagen Gel, the face & body essential

A smart gel suitable for all skin types and adapted for radiofrequency and ultrasound treatments: a unique texture created specially to interact with our technologies. Thanks to its active ingredients, selected for their recognized performance and made with native collagen from marine sources, the COLLAGEN Skin science 3.0 Gel has powerful moisturizing and anti-ageing properties. It increases skin tone and elasticity and effectively combats ageing of skin.

Exclusive for professional use.

Rich in:
Hydrolyzed marine collagen
Plant glycerin


Exfoliating lotion, the must-have for a radiant complexion

There are no more effective products on the market today than the new generation of exfoliants, which allow for sublime-looking skin and a bright, radiant complexion to be restored, without any recourse to abrasives or friction. Thanks to its unique technology and active components that include prickly pear and vitamin C, the Skin science 3.0 exfoliating and radiance boosting lotion achieves a deep cleansing action and promotes cellular renewal.

Its gentle formula removes makeup and tones the skin, significantly improving its texture and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

Professional and resale formats

Rich in:

Prickly pear

Vitamine C

Plant glycerin

Anti-ageing & moisturizing face cream, immediate, invigorating vitality

The Skin science 3.0 restructuring cream is an indispensable, multi-objective face emulsion. It is primarily a treatment to promote the rapid regeneration and restructuring of the superficial layers of the epidermis. It also revitalizes and repairs the skin, protecting skin tissue by boosting cellular metabolism, and allowing it to regain its health and youthful radiance. Finally, its pleasingly comfortable texture restores the hydrolipidic film, leaving skin fresh, soft, and moisturized.

Professional and resale formats.

Rich in:

Tri-ceramide complex
Peptide-based complex
Wheat germ, evening primrose and macadamia
oils Mango butter, Squalane, Vitamin E

Lifting serum, the intense anti-ageing treatment

The primary objectives of the Skin science 3.0 lifting serum are to revitalize and energize skin cells by boosting inter- and intracellular metabolic exchanges, a fundamental treatment that allows skin to regain its health and youthful radiance. Skin science 3.0 lifting serum is an intensive anti-ageing treatment that deeply moisturizes thanks to its concentration in hyaluronic acid, rebooting all the vital functions of the skin and visibly restoring its youthfulness in the shortest possible time.

Professional and resale formats.

Rich in:

Hyaluronic acid
lbSeptilift™ DPHP
Oxygen complex
aspartic acid complex

Eye contour cream, the best treatment for targeted anti-ageing action

With its light and ultra-fresh texture, Skin science 3.0 Eye Contour Gel is a remarkable treatment for removing the signs of tiredness. Thanks to an exclusive combination of rich, high-performance complexes, it diminishes dark circles and effectively deflates puffiness under the eyes by toning the eyelids. The Eye Contour Gel is also a daily anti-ageing treatment, which protects this fragile area from pollution and other harmful external assaults. Eye contours are left rested, nourished and smooth, with bright, sparkling eyes.

Professional and resale formats

Rich in:


Oxygen complex

Acqua biomin silicon Y3

Vitamine E

Givobio GCA


Seboregulator gel-cream, the best anti-imperfections ally

“Greasy” skin normally also means shiny skin, most often with dilated pores. Generally a problem with younger age groups, it can in fact affect both men and women of any age, often with a recourse to a range of harsh products that “strip” the face. The Skin science 3.0 Acno-lyse gel-cream is a high-performance sebum-regulating care product that helps eradicate these problems. Thanks to its matifying, ultra-fresh texture, the face is visibly purified, with skin left soft, smoothed, and unified.

Professional and resale formats

Rich in :
Zinc Gluconate / Hydrolyzed Algin
Alpha bisabolol
Acqua biomin silicon Y3
Cinnamon extract
Enantia chlorantha extract and oleanolic acid
Salicylic acid


Slimming anti-cellulite gel, a concentrate of the best plant-sourced active agents

DERMA-LYSE gel is a body treatment cosmetic made up of numerous powerful active components, specially selected for their draining and slimming properties. It has a particularly strong impact on fatty tissues and skin microcirculation, while also combating dimpled skin and stimulating skin tone. In addition to its primary benefit as a dermo-cosmetic, this gel further demonstrates its many advantages when used in combination with NEWS Sequential.

Professional and resale formats

Rich in
:strong, em, lbNatural caffeine and theobromine (cocoa extract)
Horse chestnut seed extract
Extract of bladderwrack (seaweed)
Ivy extract
Clove essential oil
Thyme essential oil
Lavender essential oil